Lakes Region Community College Culinary Arts Program

Lakes Region Community College Culinary Arts Program

Strategic Partner

Patrick and sunflowers Shaker Table Tables Set

The Shaker Table restaurant was an underutilized resource at Canterbury Shaker Village. The seasonal nature of the museum’s visitorship, coupled with the expertise and resources required to profitably run a full-service restaurant, prompted the restaurant’s closure. It was clear however that the modern facilities and open-style kitchen in The Shaker Table were perfectly suited for culinary classes.

Beginning in September 2013, the Lakes Region Community College’s two year Culinary Arts program took up residence in The Shaker Table building that once housed the restaurant of the same name. Led by Chef Patrick Hall, the program currently has 120 students and offers a range of classes. In addition to their core curriculum activities, the culinary program students serve a sit down meal three days a week to the public and Village visitors at The Shaker Table, participates in special events and leads workshops as part of the Village’s annual catalog of offerings.

The partnership has allowed Canterbury Shaker Village to expand its dining options for visitors, generates rental income and has increased the range and quality of workshops we are able to offer the public.

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