Preservation Timber Framing

Preservation Timber Framing

Strategic Partner

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As a National Historic Landmark, maintaining the integrity of our buildings under the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior Standards for Historic Preservation and being responsible stewards of this cultural resource are of paramount importance.

In 2013, Canterbury Shaker Village formed a partnership with Preservation Timber Framing and their 26 person team of historic preservation crafts people to oversee the restoration, renovation and maintenance of the 29 historic buildings on the Village grounds. Preservation Timber Framing brings a scope of technical experience and knowledge that has only been available to us in the past through the use of a network of subcontractors.Fence Mending

Owner Aaron Sturgis and his team have the big picture in mind, are responsive to immediate issues that arise and have the ability to complete projects efficiently, many times under the watchful eye of the public. At Canterbury Shaker Village, access is tied to our ability to generate admissions revenue and our partnership with Preservation Timber Framing allows us to minimize the amount of time that buildings and other cultural resources are off limits to our visitors.

This ongoing relationship is also a chance for Canterbury Shaker Village to play a direct role in training the next generation of historic preservationists. Through an internship program for those crafts people wishing to advance their skills in the historic preservation field and preservation workshops, Canterbury Shaker Village and its diverse portfolio of buildings becomes a living classroom in this important field of study.

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