Shaker Dance Revival Project

Shaker Dance Revival Project

About the Shaker Dance Revival Project

Canterbury Shaker Village is a National Historic Landmark and museum dedicated to preserving the Shakers’ 200-year legacy of innovate design, entrepreneurship and spirituality.

The Shakers lived simply and communally and dance was a central element in their collective worship.

In 2016, Canterbury Shaker Village launched the Shaker Dance Revival Project, a new strategic program that honors Shaker dance while rethinking these traditions for contemporary audiences and dancers.

There were three program components to the Shaker Dance Revival Project in 2016, which were under the direction of Resident Dance Maker Lorraine Chapman and Dance Revivalist Joan Talarico-Brodsky: the Summer Dance Intensive, which took place in June 2016; the Village Sunset Dance Performance, “RELEASED” on Friday, August 5; and “RISING & ROTATING” as part of Village Rising on August 6.



Photo by Steve Wollkind