Youth Programs

Youth Programs


A visit to Canterbury Shaker Village is a fun and exciting way to engage with local history. Our diverse tour offerings comply with New Hampshire curricular frameworks and cover subjects from science to history. Tours are led by trained museum educators and include time spent in the Village’s historic buildings, as well as hands-on activities designed to enhance the students’ understanding of Shaker life, work, and worship. All school and youth organizations (scouts, 4-H, church groups, etc.) are eligible for the Village’s discounted group admission rate.

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Shaker Boy: An Introduction to the Shakers

Ages 5-8          1.5 hours

Through the lens of “Shaker Boy,” a fictionalized story set at the Village, participants will learn how the Shakers created a successful religious community where everyone was welcomed as an important, contributing member. (Available as onsite program or outreach.)


The Shakers: Life in a Community

Ages 8-12       2 hours

What was it like to live in a Shaker community? Learn firsthand what life was like for children growing up at the Village and discover how cooperation, invention, and efficiency allowed the Shakers to thrive as a community.


The Shakers & Simple Machines

Ages 8-12       2 hours

Creating a successful community took ingenuity and work! Learn about the Shakers’ innovations and investigate their use of simple machines.


The Earth Shall Provide: The Shakers and the Land

Ages 8-12       2 hours

Enter the world of the Shakers, whose prosperity depended on the land and on their environmental stewardship. Examine the Shakers’ self-sufficient, agrarian lifestyle and learn about the natural world.


Choosing Shakerism

Ages 14-18     2 hours

Becoming a Shaker was a serious, lifetime commitment to a religious sect. Why might certain people living in the 19th century be drawn to Shakerism? Debate the pros and cons of Shakerism through a court case inspired by a true story.


A Visit from 1860

Ages 12+         1 hour

Meet a neighbor of the Shakers from 1860 and ask the costumed interpreter questions about the Shakers and daily life in rural New Hampshire. Discussion is augmented with reproductions of Shaker-made artifacts. (Available as onsite program or outreach.)