Canterbury Shaker Village

Board of Trustees

Jean Nye, Chair
Douglas Evelyn, Vice Chair
Juliana Phillips, Vice Chair
Kirk Leoni, Treasurer
Susan Martore-Baker, Asst Treasurer
James L. Garvin, Secretary
Mark Edelstein, Asst Secretary

Kathleen Belko
Bradford Cook
Karyn Finkelson
Michael J. Huxtable
Louis Kaucic
Sean Landry
Kory Reynolds

Michael Perrella
Susan Strickler
Joan Talarico-Brodsky

Board of Corporators

James Bassett
Ann Camann
Mary F. Flinn
Craig Gallagher
Laurie L. Harte
Harry Kinter
Duke Laflamme
Sylvia Larsen
Robert Lord
Kate Luczko

Susan Maynard
Douglas A. McIninch
M. Steven Miller
Amanda Osmer
Joan Noga Pazdon
Michael Panebianco
John Remington
Connie Roy-Czyzowski
Craig V. Savage
Martin Scarano

Robert Scarponi
Laura Smith
Stanley M. Smith
Bruce Stefany
Bill Stelling
Bryant Tolles
Carolyn Tolles
Kaeleigh Van Valkenburgh
David Watters

Honorary Trustees

Ken Burns
BJ Entwisle
Hugh E. Jencks
Richard C. Kimball
Lucia P. Kittredge

Howard Moffett
Deane Morrison
Scott T. Swank
Charles F. Thompson
Robert O. Wilson


To reach any of the leadership staff directly, dial 603-783-9511 and the extension number listed below. Please email with any general inquires. To email staff directly, add to the end of their address listed here:

Leslie Nolan, Executive Director  |  ext. 201  |  lnolan@
Jacquie Lynch, Accounting & HR Coordinator  |  ext. 204  |  jlynch@
Renee Fox, Collections Manager  |  ext. 240  |  rfox@
Sandy Scripture, Collections Care Assistant  |  ext. 203
Rae Easter, Marketing & Development Coordinator  |  ext. 205  |  marketinganddevelopment@
Justin Perkins, Property Manager  |  ext. 285  |  buildingsandgrounds@
Andy Messenger, Manager of the Concord Food Co-op Organic Gardens at Shaker Village

Our Strategic Partnerships

The development of strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and businesses is a key component of Canterbury Shaker Village’s evolution towards being a more dynamic and sustainable organization.

Concord Food Co-op