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The Shakers cared for the poor and used their resources and profit for social good. Today Canterbury Shaker Village uses its resources to educate people of all ages about the Shakers’ innovations, industry, architectural achievements, stewardship of the land and artisanship through workshops, tours, exhibits and special events.

Admissions and auxiliary income are not enough to preserve this National Historic Landmark and Museum. We rely on regular financial contributions to support programming, maintain and restore our buildings, and improve our visitor experiences.

There are several ways you can help us in preserving and sustaining Canterbury Shaker Village:

Buy a Brick

Consider an engraved brick in the planned Horse Barn patio in honor of a family member, friend, teacher, volunteer for the Village or in memory of a loved one. All proceeds net of expenses will be used to support the Village for year-round use and for expanded functions and events.

The Shakers of Canterbury were pioneers in making re-pressed bricks – those compressed in a metal mold to form perfect rectangles. According to historian James Garvin:

“Shaker trustee Francis Winkley noted in 1824 that the village had ‘made a Brick yard in [the Lake] meadow and halled a building there for its convenience and dug clay…’ by 1831, when the Shakers built their Trustee’s office, they faced its walls with re-pressed bricks manufactured, according to Elder Henry Blinn’s journal, ‘at our brick yard.’ Re-pressed bricks, perhaps bought from the Shakers, began to appear in the wall of nearby private dwellings at about the same time.”

Forms to purchase a brick can be found here.

Completed forms can be returned to:
  Development Office
  Canterbury Shaker Village                                                                                                                   288 Shaker Road
  Canterbury, NH 03224

Questions? Contact Caroline Golja at 603-783-9077 x220 or

Annual Fund

A gift to the Annual Fund supports the current operating budget. It provides the Executive Director and Board of Trustees the ability to direct funds where they are needed most. Give online through our secure site. Click here to give.

If you prefer to send your contribution by mail, you may send your check, money order, or credit card authorization to the address below. Please do not send cash. Checks and money orders should be made payable to: Canterbury Shaker Village
  Development Office
  Canterbury Shaker Village                                                                                                                   288 Shaker Road
  Canterbury, NH 03224

Or simply call the Development Office directly at 603-783-9077 x 220 to charge your gift by phone.

Through Matching Gifts it may be possible to double or even triple your gift. Find out if your or your spouse’s employer will match your gift by checking with your Human Resources Office.

Village Visionaries

Canterbury Shaker Village is pleased to honor those donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more towards supporting museum programming, exhibitions, preservation projects and scenic gardens and grounds. These supporters are exemplary stewards of the Canterbury Shaker legacy and their support is essential to the preservation of the Village and the creation of an exceptional visitor experience. Village Visionaries are invited to an annual event with the Board and Executive Director, special opening receptions and behind the scenes opportunities.

To become a Village Visionary, please contact the Development Office directly at 603-783-9077 x 220.

Gifts of Securities & Mutual Funds

Securities that are worth more now than when you bought them make tax-wise gifts. If the Securities are Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible, they may be transferred electronically to our asset manager at TD Wealth Management. To make a gift of appreciated securities please contact the Development Office at 603-783-9077 x220 for more information.

The Village is a TD Wealth Management DTC participant #901

Account Information: 806100 to 68-9541-01-9 for Canterbury Shaker Village.

Making a Charitable Distribution from an IRA

Congress reinstated a law that allows you to make a tax-free gift from your individual retirement account (IRA). Known as the IRA Charitable Rollover, this law no longer has an expiration date so you are free to make annual gifts to the Village from your IRA well into the future. The reinstated law allows individuals 70½ and older the ability to transfer up to $100,000 from their individual retirement accounts directly to a qualified charitable organization without being subject to income taxes on the distribution.

Contact your tax advisor or our Development Office at 603-783-9077 x220 for more details.

Planned Gifts

If you would like to extend your support of the Village to make a lasting impact, there are several gift arrangements to choose from. Whether you would like to put your gift to work today or benefit us after your lifetime, you can find a charitable plan that helps you provide for your family and supports the Village.

Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society

The Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society was founded in 1996 by Friends of the Village who wished to honor the last Shaker Eldress. Eldress Bertha Lindsay dearly loved her Shaker home and pioneered the effort to preserve it for future generations. The Society is composed exclusively of donors who have contributed  to the growth of the Village’s Endowment or Collections through bequests, trusts or other planned giving instruments. Members of the Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society are recognized publicly every year and invited to special events at the Village.

To view a list of Society members who have pledged their support the Village click here.



The lasting impact of bequests—both large and small—has helped shape CSV today. For many members and friends of CSV, a charitable bequest is one of the most commonly used ways to make a gift to the Village. By means of your will or trust, you can name CSV as the beneficiary of a portion of your estate, or of particular assets in your estate. Giving by bequest costs nothing now, yet it will give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will benefit the Village in the long term.

Gifts of IRAs/Retirement Plan Assets

You can designate CSV as a beneficiary of part or all the remainder of your IRA or retirement plan. Distributions from retirement plans at the death of the survivor of the account-holder can be subject to both income and estate taxes. By naming CSV as the beneficiary of the remainder of your retirement plan, 100 percent of the plan’s balance is available for CSV’s use, since the distribution avoids both income and estate taxes. To make this type of gift, notify your plan’s administrator and submit a “change of beneficiary” form.

Gifts of Life Insurance

If you have more insurance coverage than you need, you may consider giving CSV a paid-up policy. By transferring the ownership of your policy to CSV, you receive a charitable income tax deduction equal to the policy’s cash surrender value or cost basis, whichever is less.

Please consult your financial advisor for more information and call the Development Office at 603-783-9077 x220 to learn more about these gift giving opportunities.