Step into original, restored Shaker buildings and experience the world of the Canterbury Shakers. Stroll the grounds and discover our hiking trails, gardens, ponds and dams. Discover the unique spiritual life of the Shaker community through tours and educational programming. Or browse our collections online at any time!

Explore the village

Our collection of thirty historic buildings offers a unique view of daily life in the Shaker community. Visit everything from the Ministry to the Bee House to the Infirmary.  Learn more

Building Highlights

The Dwelling House

Dominated by a domed cupola containing a Paul Revere bell, the three story Church Family Dwelling House is the largest building in the village and historically served as a focal point for the community. The T-shaped structure containing 56 rooms is the result of numerous additions and alterations over the years; however, the basic original structure survives, making this the only Shaker Dwelling of the surviving Shaker villages that includes portions of its original 18th century structure. Learn more

The Meeting House

The 2 1/2 story gambrel-roofed Meeting House measuring 34 by 44 feet, was the first building erected by the growing Shaker community in Canterbury and is among the least changed of all the structures in the village. Built in reverent silence with no talking louder than a whisper, the frame of the building was raised on May 9, 1792 and the building was completed on September 20. Learn more

by Annie Quigley. photos by Erin Little.

Take a Guided Tour

Discover the stories of the Canterbury Shakers and learn about their impact on agriculture, technology, modern architecture, and design. The Village offers both indoor and outdoor guided tours Tuesday through Sunday.  Learn more.


Enjoy a quiet, contemplative walk, or bring your family for a day of outdoor activity. On nearly 700 acres there is ample space for learning, hiking, and relaxing, all with vistas of the New Hampshire countryside.


Canterbury Shaker Village features not only beautiful architecture, but an extensive collection of Shaker furniture, crafts, and objects. Learn about the Shaker’s dedication to excellence and be inspired by their innovative techniques by exploring our collection. Learn more.