Canterbury Shaker Village to Offer Tai Chi Classes

On Monday, September 19, William Halacy will facilitate the first in a series of 8 weekly Tai Chi classes at Canterbury Shaker Village. He will teach the Yang style tai chi chuan form.

“The chuan style is more accessible to the general population, perfect for movement, and those with disabilities,” said Halacy, who has taught Tai Chi at the Village for several years. “It’s considered to be a form of modern aerobic exercise, such as walking, for example.”

For those unfamiliar with Tai Chi, Halacy characterized it as “yoga standing up and slow stretching movements. “It’s all done in a standing position, so you are not on the floor or on the ground, which can be hard for some people,” he said. 

Regarding the Village as backdrop for his class, which have historically taken place both indoors and outdoors, Halacy said it is a beautiful place. “There are beautiful vistas here, and there is a nice energy to the place.”

Halacy, along with his wife Margaret, has studied Yang style tai chi chuan under the tutelage of masters Tung Kai Ying and Tung Chen Wei of Xingtai, China. Tai Chi classes take place every Monday at the Village from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., September 19 through November 7. The cost is $120 for adults and $100 for members.

Established in 1792, Canterbury Shaker Village represents one of the oldest, most typical and completely preserved of the Shaker Villages. Click to register for Tai Chi.

About Canterbury Shaker Village

Featuring 694 acres of forests, fields, gardens, nature trails, and mill ponds under permanent conservation easement, the Village is designated as a National Historic Landmark with 25 restored original Shaker buildings and 4 reconstructed Shaker buildings. In addition to tours, exhibits, and programs, Canterbury Shaker Village provides wonderful, relaxing, and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces for weddings and events.

Canterbury Shaker Village is a member of the NH Heritage Museum Trail, which connects the public with culturally rich heritage institutions in New Hampshire. For more information about The Trail, visit