Unprecedented Times​

As a non-profit trying to sustain our staff through this unprecedented time, we would be extraordinarily grateful for any charitable contributions that help us continue our work. If it is within your means, we hope that you consider a gift to the Canterbury Shaker Village. While our events are postponed for the health and well-being of our staff, patrons, and our friends and loved ones, we are still busy preparing engaging programs on our beautiful grounds and within our treasured buildings so that we can continue to be a place of inspiration for our New Hampshire community.

Make a Gift Now

Note: If you are making a donation in honor of or in memory of someone, please include the name to be recognized in the section labeled “Add a note”. This section appears on the last page before confirming your donation. If you have any issues with finding that section, simply send a message to info@shakers.org with your name, donation amount and whose memory it is honoring. Thank you.

Contributions to Canterbury Shaker Village are deeply appreciated and an essential component to our budget, in addition to admissions, sales, and other earned income. We rely on regular financial contributions to support programming, maintain and restore our buildings, and improve our visitor experience.

There are several ways you can help us in preserving and sustaining Canterbury Shaker Village:

Give to the Annual Fund

Your gift NOW is especially important. Help balance our operating budget by the end of the fiscal year, preserve and maintain our historic buildings, and support exciting program plans for 2020.

How to double your impact: Three trustees have pledged $75,000 to match all new or increased gifts to the Annual Fund. Canterbury Shaker Village is meaningful to them, and we hope it is to you too. Please contribute today!

Click here to make your gift to Canterbury Shaker Village’s Annual Fund. Thank you!

Video by: Peter Bloch. Music arranged and performed by: Kathy Lowe.

If you prefer mail, you may send your check, money order, or credit card authorizations to the address below. Please do not send cash.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to: Canterbury Shaker Village and mailed to the
Development Office
Canterbury Shaker Village 288 Shaker Road
Canterbury, NH 03224

Or simply call the Development Office directly at 603-783-9511 x 220 to charge your gift by phone.

Give to the Richard & Maxine Morse Endowment Fund

Ken Burns & Maxine Morse
Photo by: John Hession
Honorary trustee Ken Burns helped the Village launch the Richard and Maxine Morse Endowment Fund in October, 2019, to help mark the 50th anniversary of the Village’s incorporation as a non-profit museum. The Fund honors the extraordinary commitment and generosity of the Shakers’ attorney, Richard Morse, and his wife Maxine. Only its income (interest, dividends and appreciation) may be expended in support of daily operational expenses, program expenses, and preservation of the physical plant of the Village, with emphasis on the latter. Gifts to the endowment help assure the long-term stability of Canterbury Shaker Village and honor the Morses’, the vision of the Shaker sisters, and those who worked with them to welcome the public to learn about the Shakers and draw inspiration from their example.

Henry Blinn Society

Canterbury Shaker Village is pleased to honor those donors who make annual gifts of $1,000 or more towards supporting museum programming, exhibitions, preservation projects and scenic gardens and grounds. These supporters are exemplary stewards of the Canterbury Shaker legacy and their support is essential to the preservation of the Village and the creation of an exceptional visitor experience. Henry Blinn Society members receive all the benefits of membership. They are also invited to an annual event with the Board and Executive Director, special opening receptions and behind the scenes opportunities.

To become a member of the Henry Blinn Society, please contact the Development Office directly at 603-783-9511 x 220.

Gifts of Securities & Mutual Funds

Securities that are worth more than when you bought them make tax-wise gifts. If the Securities are Depository Trust Company (DTC) eligible, they may be transferred electronically to our asset manager at Fidelity. To make a gift of appreciated securities please contact the Development Office at 603-783-9511 x220 for more information.

The Village is a Fidelity DTC participant #0226

Account Information: Z48748617 for Canterbury Shaker Village.

Making a Charitable Distribution from an IRA

Congress reinstated a law that allows you to make a tax-free gift from your individual retirement account (IRA). Known as the IRA Charitable Rollover, this law no longer has an expiration date so you are free to make annual gifts to the Village from your IRA well into the future. The reinstated law allows individuals 70½ and older the ability to transfer up to $100,000 from their individual retirement accounts directly to a qualified charitable organization without being subject to income taxes on the distribution.

Contact your tax advisor or our Development Office at 603-783-9511 x220 for more details.

Planned Gifts

For some, a planned gift is a preferred way to support the financial foundation and mission of the Society. Examples of popular and valuable planned gifts follow. We recommend you consult your financial advisor and estate planning counsel to determine the best way to carry out your planned gift to produce the greatest benefit for both the Village and you. 

Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society

The Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society was founded in 1996 by friends of the Village who wished to honor the last Shaker Eldress.  Eldress Bertha Lindsay dearly loved her Shaker home and pioneered the effort to preserve it for future generations.

The Society is composed exclusively of donors who have pledged a minimum gift of $10,000 to the growth of the Village through bequests, trusts or other planned giving instruments. Members of the Eldress Bertha Lindsay Legacy Society are recognized publicly every year and invited to special events at the Village.

Gift Under Your Will

The most popular and simplest planned gift is a legacy under your will. It can be a gift of a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of your residuary estate. 

Gifts of Real Property

A gift of real property can not only produce tax savings—a valuable income tax deduction, or estate tax deduction if given under your will—but also provide the Village with a valuable asset to build the Endowment. If the property has unique historical value, the Village might consider retaining and maintaining it, but it also might be sold, with the proceeds going to our Endowment Fund. Such a gift can be made during your life or under your will, or by deed reserving your life use, subject to thoughtful interactive planning by both you and the Village.

Gift of Antiques or Collectibles

A gift of an antique or historical artwork or other artifact can be made during your life or under a will, with a tax benefit to you. The value of the income tax deduction may vary depending on how the gift can be used or exhibited, a determination that is made by the Collections Management Committee.

Gifts of Life Insurance

As with appreciated stock, this gift can be made in the present and allows you to take a charitable deduction at the time of transfer in an amount your advisors and the insurance company will determine. You designate the Village as beneficiary of the policy and assign ownership to the Village at the same time. The Village will either maintain the policy in effect for your lifetime or consider surrendering it for its cash value, whichever you prefer. If the value of the policy is insufficient to fund premiums going forward, you can consider an annual gift to the Village sufficient to pay the annual premium.

Gift via Beneficiary Designation from your IRA or Other Tax Deferred Plan

Except where a spouse is the designated beneficiary, an IRA is subject to estate tax at the death of the account holder, and distributions from the account are subject to income tax as well. Therefore, a gift to the Village’s Endowment Fund from such an account can be highly tax leveraged, in that the Village would receive 100% of the gift where the beneficiaries of the account holder might in some cases receive less than 50% of the account after estate taxes and income taxes are paid. To establish such a gift, you can simply designate the Village as the beneficiary (or, if you have a spouse, the contingent beneficiary) of the account.

Gifts Made by Creating a Trust

By creating a special type of trust known as a charitable remainder trust, a donor can distribute cash or appreciated securities to this trust, enjoy increased income from these assets during your life, and receive a significant tax deduction for the actuarially computed value of the remainder of the trust, which will pass to the Village at the donor’s death. Another special type of trust is a charitable lead trust, under which the Village would receive the income from the trust for a term of years, with assets remaining in the trust reverting to the donor or his designated beneficiaries when the trust term ends. Because of the complexity and expense associated with the creation and administration of these trusts, they make sense only where the value of assets to be placed in trust approach or exceed $1,000,000.


You should confer with your financial and investment advisors and your attorney to develop the specifics for making any of these gifts. Please consult us, too. If you call or email the Village, we can put you in touch with the right person here, to help you develop your planned gift. And unless you request anonymity, we would like to recognize you and your gift to express our appreciation and encourage others to join you in building the Village’s future.


For more information please contact info@Shakers.org.