Brookford Farm

Strategic Partner

Canterbury Shaker Village encompasses 694 acres of land, 10 acres of which requires mowing several times a week during the growing season. Next door, Canterbury’s organic dairy and farm, Brookford Farm, was looking for additional pastures where they could graze their cows. As was so often true of the Shakers, necessity is often the mother of invention.

Impressed by their commitment to sustainable agriculture and their values associated with simple living, Owner Luke Mahoney and Brookford Farm was a natural partner. Beginning in the Fall of 2012, Canterbury Shaker Village and its visitors welcomed cows back to the historic grounds.

Brookford Farm has evolved into an important program partner since arriving at the Village in 2012. The Farm and the cows play a central role in our Opening Day celebrations and their prepared food is on offer as part of the Artisan Festival in September along with other events throughout the year.

Brookford Farm’s ongoing and increasing presence at the Village brings to life an important element of the Shaker story and helps to remind visitors of the Shakers’ agricultural accomplishments during their heyday.