Master Gardener Day @ CSV - June 29, 2022

We lucked out with another lovely day to be in the garden. And once again we split into groups to address different gardens that needed tending. More tending to the areas around the Horse Barn, which are looking great; weeding around Enfield House where the quince bush was hardly visible; and a good clearing out of weeds in the rose garden near the Dwelling House. Finally a group at the thriving herb garden did a bit of weeding (weeding is endless but there’s a certain therapeutic aura due to its repetitive and mindless nature). It was a productive morning of putting hands to work. 

Master Gardener Days at Canterbury Shaker Village

Dates: Wednesday mornings 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon

Location: Meet in the Shaker Village parking lot

Hosts: Susan Strickler, Nancy Volpe, Jennifer Solms

Equipment: Pruning/Garden tools if you have any available.

Format: Meet you in the parking lot to review the day’s projects.

Questions: Send a note to the team