The Room Where Starch Happened

The Room Where Starch Happened

We recently reopened to visitors to the Canterbury Shaker Village the galvanized iron- and tin-lined room in the Laundry Complex. It is yet another example of the Canterbury Shakers’ labor-saving ingenuity.

David Katz elected Trustee Chair of Canterbury Shaker Village

David Katz

Bringing years of project and construction management experience and having held leadership positions on multiple municipal boards, David Katz was elected Board Chair of Canterbury Shaker Village on May 6, 2024. Katz has served as a Village Trustee since January 2022.

Following the Rules

For about one hundred years, the Canterbury Shakers made their own rulers. Fashioned of planed wood and incised with rules—the markings along the edge—a ruler allowed for efficient and accurate recording and transfer of information.

Schoolhouse Restoration Nearly Complete at Canterbury Shaker Village

Schoolhouse Restoration

By spring, staff at Canterbury Shaker Village expect to complete restoration of the Schoolhouse (c. 1823/63), a project made possible through key financial contributions, including a $10,000 grant from Daughters of the American Revolution. Begun in 2021, the multi-year project has included a new roof, repair and partial replacement of deteriorated clapboards, gutters, rainwater leaders, and other exterior features, along with repainting and restoration of 26 windows.