Following the Rules

The Shakers’ famous furniture depended on the humble measuring ruler.

For about one hundred years, the Canterbury Shakers made their own rulers. Fashioned of planed wood and incised with rules—the markings along the edge—a ruler allowed for efficient and accurate recording and transfer of information.

Schoolhouse Restoration Nearly Complete at Canterbury Shaker Village

Schoolhouse Restoration

By spring, staff at Canterbury Shaker Village expect to complete restoration of the Schoolhouse (c. 1823/63), a project made possible through key financial contributions, including a $10,000 grant from Daughters of the American Revolution. Begun in 2021, the multi-year project has included a new roof, repair and partial replacement of deteriorated clapboards, gutters, rainwater leaders, and other exterior features, along with repainting and restoration of 26 windows.

A Mess of Thanks-Giving

Dwelling House Dining Room, 1880s.

For every meal the Shakers gave thanks. When you visit the dining room in the Dwelling House, you see two versions of the space: the older taken from an 1880s stereograph view, the newer reflecting Shaker practice in the 1940s onward. The Shakers ate in silence, with dishes of food placed between four people so that no one need speak to ask anyone to pass a dish.

Symphony NH String Quartet to Perform at Canterbury Shaker Village


On Saturday, Dec. 2 at 4:00 p.m., Symphony NH String Quartet will perform at Canterbury Shaker Village as part of Concert & Cocktails.

A themed evening, Concert & Cocktails concludes with a reception featuring appetizers by Lacey Tokash Catering and a Hot Bourbon signature drink by Cold Garden Distillery in the Village’s Hubbard Gallery at 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $75 and seating is limited for this special performance.

Canterbury Shaker Village Offers Chance to “Rebuild” History

Stone Wall Building

ne of Canterbury Shaker Village’s most popular offerings, Stone Wall Workshop returns one final time for the 2023 season on Saturday and Sunday, October 21 and 22, respectively. Providing participants with the unique opportunity to not just learn about history, but help restore it, the workshop is led by master stone artisan and mason Kevin Fife.

Canterbury Shaker Village Launches Annual Fund Campaign

Juliana Phillips at the Village

Canterbury Shaker Village has launched its Annual Fund Campaign, a fund (and friend) raising effort designed to address gaps in its annual budget. For staff as well as members on the Board of Trustees, however, the Annual Fund Campaign also serves as a gentle reminder of the Village’s continued significance.