Canterbury Shaker Village Arboretum Inventory

The Canterbury Shakers emphasized knowledge, innovation, and appreciation of the natural world in nearly everything they did. The CSV arboretum, a ‘garden’ of trees, remains a testament to the Shaker spirit to this very day.

Garden Committee and Volunteers Revitalize and Reclaim

CSV garden committee and volunteers work to revitalize history-rich Village lands, reclaim fruit trees from strangling invasive vines By Jennifer Solms and Mary Lou Dopart, Natural Resources Stewards 2019 Anyone approaching the rolling hills of the Canterbury Shaker Village (CSV) anticipates scenic walks through the Village, its historic orchards, forest trails, and open spaces. Ensuring the […]

Hugelkultur Garden Technique Helps Newest Pollinator Bed Thrive

Hugelkultur garden technique helps newest pollinator bed thrive at Canterbury Shaker Village By Jennifer J. Montgomery, Natural Resources Steward 2019 If you think a hot, dry, roadside spot sounds like a tough location to plant a lovely pollinator garden, you’d be right—usually. But if you’ve visited Canterbury Shaker Village this summer or fall, you’ve probably seen […]

Caring for the Nature of Canterbury Shaker Village

Caring For Nature At Canterbury Shaker Village

Director’s Note: This is the inaugural blog highlighting the learning and volunteer efforts of the Natural Resources Stewards program, which now delivers its learn-and-practice class at Canterbury Shaker Village. Future blogs will highlight additional stewardship- related topics and other events at CSV. By Jennifer J. Montgomery, Natural Resources Steward You know that feeling you get […]